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Clutch & Flywheel (DMF) Replacement Birmingham

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MK Motors Clutch & Flywheel (DMF) Replacement Birmingham

We have been fitting clutch kits & dual mass flywheels for many years, this gives us a competitive edge on cost of parts. We don’t believe in fitting cheap or reconditioned clutches as most of our competition does.

We only ever fit OEM parts, we replace like for like, and it is affordable because of a little secret that many don’t know.

Vehicle manufacturers don’t design flywheels & clutches, the design & manufacture is outsourced to experts such as LuK, Sachs, Valeo and Blueprint. They design, test, & manufacture them for the Vehicle Manufacturers, they then hold the rights to sell the same parts minus the vehicle manufacture logo to the automotive industry. These parts are exactly the same and simply have the manufacturer logo not printed or have the logo grinded off, the only difference being the price. You’ll only be paying more for the logo when buying a clutch kit or DMF from the dealers, the same applies to service parts it’s why we only fit Mann Filters on German vehicles.

We can beat any genuine quote for a clutch replacement or a Dual Mass Flywheel replacement so fill in the quote form above.