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How to change a xenon bulb on a Audi A4 2008 B8

October 19, 2014 By admin

In this how to we will be replacing the left Xenon bulb on a Audi A4 2008 B8. The procedure for the right hand side bulb is very similar.

If you’re only replacing the one xenon bulb you may notice a colour difference, if you think this may annoy you, buy two bulbs.

If you have a xenon bulb blown it’s a good time to upgrade the bi xenon bulbs from 3500k to 6000k. Bulbs & tools used in this how to can be found on eBay, links below:


Tools Needed


Parts needed

1. Pop the bonnet or hood, unlatch & lift bonnet. Switch on the lights and ignition, make sure you’re going to be replacing the correct side. Lights switched off, engine not running, key out.

2. Remove the radiator cover, by unscrewing the four red highlighted screws in the image below using the t30 torx screwdriver, and place to side.

a4 b8 xenon bulb replace

3. Holding the headlight in are 4 torx screws, two are clearly visible on top and the other two somewhat hidden. First remove the two upper screws highlighted in image below.

a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 2

4. Undo the wiring harness connector. Place a flat screwdriver in the lift tab of connector, hold the connector around the back and push the connector in to the headlight. Twist the screwdriver slightly so the tab opens and pull the connector away from the headlight.

a4 b8 xenon bulb replace CONNECTOR

5. Remove two rear lower screws, the blue arrows in the picture below should give you an idea as to where you should be looking. Do not remove these screw completely, 6 turns anti-clockwise should do the trick.

a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 4a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 5a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 6

6. Now that you’ve got the two rear lower screw loosened and the two upper removed, the headlight should be free, push it out by placing your hand around the back of the unit. Pull out the headlight from the bumper side first then from the wing.

7. Place the headlight on a flat surface, unscrew the xenon bulb cover, just a slight turn anti-clockwise.

a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 8

8. Now you should be looking at the D3S xenon bulb, take note of the position of the bulb, twist the bulb anticlockwise and pull it out, undo the connector by simply pulling it out.

a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 9a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 10

9. Make sure you’ve bought the right bulb. Do not handle the bulb by the lens/glass.

a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 11

10. Fit the new bulb. Place the bulb in the headlight , push in & twist clockwise and it should lock in. Fit the connector followed by the cover.

a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 12 a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 13 a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 14

11. Fit the headlight back in reverse, slide in to wing side first, then the bumper and push the headlight back, before screwing down the headlight fit the connector, you’ll have more room with the headlight half way out.

a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 16

Note: The head light locks in via tracks on the underside, if you’re struggling trying to get the headlight to sit right, try pulling the headlight out as far as possible without pulling it out completely and slide it back in.

12. There is one bolt amongst all your screws, this bolts secures the headlight near the wing.

a4 b8 xenon bulb replace 17

13. Tighten the screws, fit radiator cover & tighten bolts, check to see if bulb works. Colour will be different at first, give it a minute to warm up.

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